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Bleaching - or Veneers?

There are significant differences between veneers and tooth bleaching.

With bleaching, the hydrogen peroxide contained in the preparation actually penetrates the tooth enamel, where it then splits off oxygen radicals. These can then change the colouring in the tooth (e.g. stains) to the extent that they are no longer visible. Although, to a certain degree, the high-quality 4EVER-WHITE ® veneers are an investment in your smile, they are applied in one single session, without requiring any prior treatment of the tooth enamel.

Frequently the bleaching does last for many years, but still has to be renewed sooner or later. A significant disadvantage of bleaching in comparison to the 4EVER-WHITE ® method is that the sensitive tooth enamel is attacked and, in contrast to veneers, large interdental gaps, crooked or broken teeth still remain visible. Additionally, bleaching can lead to pain in the exposed tooth roots; the teeth themselves may become sensitive to acid-containing food. What is more, bleaching does not change the colours of crowns, bridges or tooth fillings – meaning that their original colour tone remains as it was. Thus unaesthetic differences are seen, which counteract the bleaching effect.