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Veneers are hand-made masterpieces. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital technology, a unique feature of the 4EVER-WHITE veneer procedure is that these veneers can be tailor-made and applied within one single session, in accordance with the client’s wishes regarding colour and form. Hence, clients no longer have waiting periods of a couple of weeks and also do not have to make repeated appointments.

Smile guaranteed

Thanks to your 4EVER-WHITE veneers you leave the practice with a new, radiant, Hollywood smile. What is more, because of this, there is no need to fit and remove temporary prostheses, which also have to be paid for. A veneer treatment is painless and no anaesthetic injection is required. Additionally, as the veneers are so thin (up to 0.3mm), there is no need for healthy tooth substance to be ground down.

Veneers: unique

Just one session. No need to grind down the teeth. No pain. No injections. It truly is simple to get 4EVER-WHITE veneers from your specialist in Munich! Veneers are wafer-thin, translucent ceramics covers that are affixed to the teeth with a special adhesive by your 4EVER-WHITE specialist in Munich: dentist studio Christian Bärenklau and his team. The natural function of the teeth is not impaired.

All optimised

Today, optimised materials and innovative adhesive techniques are available, by means of which your specialist for veneers in Munich can permanently and aesthetically optimise your smile. Every client receives individual customized veneers specially made to suit his or her appearance, adapted precisely and fitted by hand to harmonise with the unique features of every individual face and personal attributes.

4Ever White Veneers: further information
4EVER-WHITE: welcome to the world of Hollywood smile!

Virtually no other expression of human emotion has ever been studied in such detail as the human smile. A smile with radiant white veneers, by your specialist in Munich, reduces stress, increases your quality of life and the durability of your teeth. A smile with beautiful white veneers is sexy and attractive – and there is plenty of scientific evidence for all of these statements. For this reason your veneer specialist in Munich, the dental practice Bärenklau, also refers to the so-called „Hollywood smile.“


Thanks to the 4EVER-WHITE  veneers, a refreshing Hollywood smile conveys a number of positive impressions and emotions: self-confidence and competence, likeability and trust. The 4EVER-WHITE method guarantees a radiantly white Hollywood smile with harmonious and beautifully formed teeth. A study conducted by the Psychology Faculty of the King`s College in London has shown that persons with beautiful teeth are considered more succesful and are even deemed more intelligent. To ascertain this, the researchers showed approximately 100 test persons pictures of smiling people both with and without veneers.
4EVER-WHITE  and your veneers specialist in Munich can support you in attaining such a radiant, beautiful and likeable Hollywood smile.

With 4EVER-WHITE veneers to radiant white teeth

For a prestigious appearance and professional success

The unbeatable price is not the only unique aspect of this method. With the tailor-made, wafer-thin veneers, only one single session is needed to close interdental gaps, cover discolorations and create a perfect and harmonious dental arch instead of tooth displacements. The Bärenklau practice is your certified and exclusive applicator for 4EVER-WHITE veneers in Munich. As your specialist for veneers in Munich, our team will advise you in a comprehensive, swift and professional manner.

The ability to convince others is just as important at business negotiations as with job interviews or sales events. Our 4EVER-WHITE  veneers will provide a decisive contribution in this regard. This is because, with a radiant smile attained with the help of veneers, we convey an aura of self-confidence and competence.

Veneers – an aestethic enhancement day by day

Thus, not only will the costs for our 4EVER-WHITE  veneers be recouped in next to no time – shining white teeth are also a genuine enrichment for you. This already begins with a look in the mirror early in the morning and still doesn’t end at a romantic candlelight dinner. The reason for this: teeth are a prominent part of the body – value-enhanced by our 4EVER-WHITE  veneers.