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Yes, indeed, the formula for the perfect smile does exist. It has even been scientifically proven! However, whoever believes the only aspect to consider is bleaching the teeth to attain the whitest possible shade, and opening the mouth as wide as possible when laughing, is thoroughly mistaken. The Munich 4EVER-WHITE veneer specialist Christian Bärenklau, however, has recourse to profound knowledge in this field.

With the assistance of a few hundred test people, researchers of the southern Californian Loma Linda University occupied themselves with the secret of the Hollywood smile. The first thing the test person noticed about the smile of the person facing him or her was the colour of the teeth. If the teeth were too white, this created a rather unnatural impression and was considered rather obtrusive. It was noticed that a smile was considered pleasant especially when the white of the teeth and the white of the eyeballs was virtually similar. This can be perfectly controlled when applying 4EVER-WHITE veneers. To be added is the ideal interaction of shape, size and array of the teeth for a „smile like a chain of pearls“: the upper row of teeth (incisors) dominates visibly. Teeth should be without any visible discolorations; the width of the incisors should make up approximately and maximally 80 percent of the length. And: when smiling, only a very little bit of pink-coloured gums should be visible. Needless to say, all of these factors are taken into account when applying the 4EVER-WHITE veneers to ensure that the beautifying measures deployed by the Munich Bärenklau dental practice are optimally aligned to suit you.

Smoking and veneers
Many smokers know the problem: despite using special smoker toothpastes, teeth become yellow/brown again within a short period of time. Apart from the fact that these so-called „tooth whitening toothpastes” are not recommended due to the possible harmful effect of the abrasive particles on the tooth enamel, the best way to attain permanently white teeth, first and foremost, is with the 4EVER-WHITE  veneers from the Bärenklau dental practice. The high-quality ceramics are colourfast, thus insensitive toward the influences of nicotine, red wine or also coffee. But be careful: this does not mean that nicotine coatings cannot be deposited on 4EVER-WHITE  veneers by the specialists from Munich. They can. The finest furrows, such as e.g. on the adhesives with the tooth or the gaps between the teeth are sufficient for this. This means that the veneer itself remains white, but in the course of time it does get rather unattractive surface stains. However, do not worry: this will only happen if you do not perform fastidious oral hygiene, which would be highly unlikely for the wearers of 4EVER-WHITE  veneers from the Munich dental practice Christian Bärenklau. Thus, it is not only recommended that smokers, red wine lovers and heavy coffee drinkers pay particular attention to their daily dental hygiene, which includes using dental floss – we additionally recommend professional dental hygiene at Christian Bärenklau every six to twelve months.
Success with veneers
According to an EMNID-survey conducted in 2007, there is a reason why approximately 97 percent of the Germans believe that beautiful teeth are very important in life. After all, every day Hollywood presents the perfect smile on TV and in magazines. “Do veneers help to achieve more success in life?” was the question posed by psychologists of King’s College in London in 2005. If one were to believe the researchers, persons with shining white teeth have an easier life – at least according to the judgement of their fellow men. The researchers presented approximately 100 participants with photos of smiling persons. It became apparent that persons with bad and crooked teeth were not only considered to be less attractive but also less intelligent and less popular. Persons with white teeth, e.g. wearers of veneers, on the other hand, were assessed positively at an above-average rate. The test persons even believed that they were more successful in business. Tim Newton, the director of studies, wrote that a Hollywood smile was considered particularly promising, especially with women. The result is further supported by the so-called Smile Survey, for which the Align Technology Institute had pollsters interview approximately 1000 Americans between the age of 18 and 50 in the year 2000. Of the persons interviewed, 940 stated that they rather remembered the smile of the person they were talking to than their eyes or body; approximately 74 percent of the persons interviewed stated that they would feel much more confident at a job interview or important meeting if they had beautiful teeth, and virtually the same number of persons believed that a „Hollywood smile“ positively impacts both professional and private success. An investment in 4EVER-WHITE  veneers by your veneer specialists, the Bärenklau dental practice, can definitely pay off within a very short while, especially in the service metropolis Munich!

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