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Opalescence and veneers
Before the Munich Bärenklau dental practice can assist you in obtaining white teeth and a shining Hollywood smile with 4EVER-WHITE veneers, opalescence, i.e. the totally individual light refraction of the teeth, first has to be determined. This is because colour is not a physical property, but rather a sensory perception which ensues when the light reflected by a particular object in a specific wavelength, is observed by the eye’s retina. The opalescence of the teeth is unique to every individual; it is determined, among others, by the composition of the highly translucent tooth enamels and the dark dentines, the age of the person and other factors such as, for instance, dental hygiene. The objective of an in-depth colour analysis, as performed by your specialist for veneers in Munich, is to attain a light refraction that is as close as possible to that of natural teeth with your new 4EVER-WHITE veneers.

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