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Medicinal indication of veneers
4EVER-WHITE veneers can also be prescribed by a physician for medical reasons. A so-called indication for 4EVER-WHITE veneers can be established by a dentist, if the purpose is to protect the teeth by means of veneers. Falling within this category, for instance, would be tooth reconstruction subsequent to tooth breakage, which could have happened in an accident, in the event of severe abrasion or possibly when building up a tooth by means of veneers due to insufficient development (hypoplasis). With tooth protection, the additional reason for veneers is also to protect the pulpa against mechanical, thermal, bacterial or chemical influences. If there is a medical indication for veneers, the question is posed as to what extent your health insurance will meet the costs involved. As a guideline, we would like to point out that veneers are not considered one of the measures that will be reimbursed or subsidised by the health insurances if the reason for the treatment is not for the prevention or treatment of illnesses, but rather for reasons of unpleasantness or problems which are rather considered aesthetic in nature. Cost sharing for individual teeth would be possible if there are urgent medical reasons for this, for instance the preservation of a broken tooth after an accident. In these cases, one can reckon with fixed-sum subsidies, which are determined in compliance with the medical assessments. Please note that in such cases every health insurance will required detailed information to establish the subsidy amount in individual cases. The dental practice Christian Bärenklau, your 4EVER-WHITE ® Veneer specialist from Munich, would be happy to assist you, by providing detailed information. If necessary, further details can then be clarified with your health insurance after the diagnosis.

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