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Be it Brad Pitt, Eva Longoria or Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Denzel Washington or Halle Berry and Tom Cruise – scores of prominent persons have had and are still having their teeth beautified with veneers. Hollywood, as the Mecca of the film industry, is not only the cradle for the perfect Hollywood smile, but also for the modern-day ceramic veneers everyone who has ever stood in front of a camera – and even if this was only for a casting, knows how important a bewitching smile is to ensure a successful performance. There still are stars, such as Julia Roberts, who rely on the so-called bleaching of the teeth. However, according to the Munich 4EVER-WHITE  veneer specialist Christian Bärenklau, the reason that there is a growing trend for the prominent stars to prefer the durable veneer is quite simple to explain: „only with veneers can one achieve the colour tone that has been perfectly adapted to the skin colour and nature of the person – and, more importantly, this is durable“.

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