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Care of Veneers
Basically, the same dental care principles apply for the 4EVER-WHITE  veneers from the Bärenklau dental practice, your veneer specialists in Munich, as do for your teeth. Based on his long-standing experience, Christian Bärenklau does know that virtually all patients with veneers look after „their 4EVER-WHITE veneers like the apple of their eye – or perhaps even better.“ Nevertheless, it still does no harm to bear some rules in mind: just as much as it is harmful for teeth to bite into hard objects, such as nuts, or even to attempt to pull out crown caps from bottles, the same applies for veneers. In particular, smokers or lovers of red wine should ensure thorough, fastidious and regular oral hygiene. The actual ceramics of the 4EVER-WHITE  veneers are colourfast. However, the surface of the veneers can absorb discolouration and dental deposits, as with natural teeth too. What is more, the interdental spaces can also become discoloured. In order to retain the colour brilliance, prevent the formation of tooth decay and to keep your gums healthy, regular (every 6-12 months) professional dental cleaning at your Bärenklau dental practice is highly recommended in conjunction with thorough and careful oral hygiene with dental floss. Another factor that is of great importance is to avoid the so-called secondary tooth decay in the interdental spaces and gingival recession (receding gums) – your veneer specialist in Munich would be happy to inform you about the correct technique for brushing your teeth.
Cast for veneers
It is thanks to the latest digital technology that Bärenklau dental practice, the 4EVER-WHITE  veneer specialist in Munich, can forego the use of a so-called dental impression when manufacturing the veneers. This workstep, which is generally known as an “impression”, is rather unpleasant for many patients wishing to have the veneers for a new, radiant smile.  Both the large impression tray for the upper and lower jaw, as well as the thermoplastic or elastomer materials have to remain in the opened mouth for a longer period of time to ensure that the corresponding areas can be reached and that the mass can harden. In a detailed counselling session, the Bärenklau dental practice, your 4EVER-WHITE  veneer specialist in Munich, utilises single state-of-the-art worksteps, “without requiring any unpleasant and annoying impression procedure”.
Ceramics for veneers
4EVER-WHITE  veneers by your specialist in Munich consist of extremely fine dental ceramics. Modern dentistry is no longer imaginable without this high-tech material. The light refraction, brilliance and strength of the tooth ceramics display great similarity to the aesthetic properties of natural teeth. It is possible to imitate the colour and surface structure of natural teeth virtually perfectly. Due to the structure of the ceramics, light beams that fall on the 4EVER-WHITE  veneers are passed on to the neighbouring gums, creating a fresh, pinkish, colour, which in turn results in the perfect Hollywood smile. What is more, the use of ceramic veneers is particularly biocompatible, meaning there are virtually no health risks involved. Particular care is taken by the Bärenklau dental practice, the veneers-specialist in Munich, with regard to all materials used – in-depth knowledge of the materials is essential when applying ceramics!

What is the composition of these ceramics? By way of example: thanks to their advantageous aesthetic properties (e.g. translucence) veneers can be manufactured from feldspar-lithium disilicate or glass ceramics, which contains both a crystalline and amorph (random) glass share, due to the speedy cool-down during manufacture. It is truly incredible to see how resistant these veneers are to bending or fracturing even though they are only a few millimetres “thick”.

They are popular and well-known both in lebkuchen and mulled wine. It was voted the “medicinal plant of the year 2010″. Its name stems from the Latin description “clavus”, meaning “nail”. When a patient who recently visited the Bärenklau dental practice, the Munich specialists for 4EVER-WHITE veneers, reported that he had placed a clove in a broken dental filling to effectively still the pain, this was absolutely credible!

In fact, cloves do help to numb the pain in addition to subduing oropharyngeal inflammations – this has even been scientifically substantiated. Not only are cloves among the best-known antioxidants for stimulating the body’s own defences, as was found out by researchers of the Spanish Miguel Hernandez University in Elche, in the South-East region of Spain; the phenolics of cloves also have an anti-inflammatory effect, and as such they definitely can alleviate toothache. In addition, the ingredient eugenol also has antiseptic properties. No wonder that the little aromatic “nails” are firmly established in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine – and have already been used as a remedy against toothache since the 3rd century B.C.

The use of the entire clove or the clove liquid (grated cloves) can briefly alleviate pain, yet it does not substitute the professional treatment in the Bärenklau dental practice, the Munich specialists for 4EVER-WHITE veneers.

Contouring with veneers
The Bärenklau dental practice, the specialist for veneers in Munich, takes great care to ensure that the best-possible aesthetic result is attained when applying the 4EVER-WHITE veneer shells. Forming a part of the overall picture is not only the radiant, natural fresh white of the veneers – but also a harmonious build-up of all veneers, in a contoured arch form. In an individual case, therefore, it could be necessary to contour particularly clearly protruding teeth – here more specifically, severely twised or protruding front or corner teeth. This means the teeth are brought “in line” or in a fitting shape. The alternative would be to build up the veneers neighbouring the “problem teeth” with more volume or in a different shape, thus achieving a uniform, aesthetically attractive appearance. The so-called aesthetic or also cosmetic contouring functions by means of two methods: by braces – whereat this process can require a number of years to be completed. The time-saving alternative on the other hand would be via careful grinding of the protruding tooth. Whether contouring would be necessary in your specific case can best be established in a detailed consultation with your veneers specialists in Munich.
Colour analysis
“White” is not the only issue! When selecting the right veneers, the completely harmonious, colour tones of your 4EVER-WHITE veneers, your veneer specialist in Munich also needs plenty of dexterity and sure instinct. Researchers of the Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California have developed a general rule of thumb: the colour of the teeth, or that of the veneers, should harmonise with the white of the eyeballs. If the teeth are too white when compared with the white of the eyeballs, they can, depending on the person, appear to be “artificial” or rather obtrusive. As virtually every colour tone can be perfectly copied and a maximal degree of natural-looking white is the objective, great care is taken to select the correct colour for your 4EVER-WHITE veneers. Within the framework of an aesthetic analysis, the Bärenklau dental practice will carry out a so-called colour simulation, should this be desired. This will enable you to immediately see the „white-effect“ of your veneers. Simply consult us – you will be amazed to see how your whole look changes, merely by changing the colour of your teeth!

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