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Baking powder instead of veneers?
Time and again articles can be found in a number of different internet forums in which the authors come to the conclusion that the costs for the 4EVER-WHITE veneer specialist in Munich can easily be saved: simply put a little bit of baking powder on the toothbrush every morning and evening, using it as a bleaching agent; the acidifier contained therein (E 450 a, E 341 a, with phosphate-free baking powder, if necessary, also citric acids) will give you pure white teeth.  It goes without saying that this is an incorrect conclusion. Although it is true that the desired effect of tooth bleaching by means of baking powder does actually become visible within a few applications, your 4EVER-WHITE  veneer specialist in Munich will probably clearly point out the risks involved in pursuing this approach: the acid of the baking powder can lighten the colour of the tooth, yet in so doing it significantly attacks the tooth enamel. The results of an attempted tooth bleaching with baking powder: the tooth becomes much more, and permanently, susceptible to pain for hot and cold meals or beverages. What is more, tooth bleaching with baking powder has to be repeated every couple of weeks – because the bleaching effect only lasts for a very short time, after which the tooth regains its old appearance. By the way, the situation is also not any different when using bicarbonate of soda for tooth bleaching, or when people attempt to rub off the plaque with table salt. The other recommended domestic remedies, such as tooth bleaching with sunflower oil or with squashed strawberries have no effect whatsoever. Please note: for every person who would like to have a lasting, radiant Hollywood smile, there is no way around 4EVER-WHITE veneers by your specialist in Munich, the Bärenklau dental practice!

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