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Adhesive technology for gluing on a veneer
Slide your finger across the surface of your teeth. Do you feel the smooth layer? For your veneer specialists from Munich this is exactly what should be done in applying the 4EVER-WHITE ® veneers, permanently applying the wafer-thin, minutely small ceramic covers to this smooth tooth enamel layer, a highly difficult task that requires absolute concentraton and dexterity! To ensure that the tooth and veneer bond properly and become an inseparable unit, the tooth surface first has to be roughened. This is attained by means of brief peptisation. The adhesive components can now be applied to the roughened enamel, ensuring that it will stick particularly well and create the optimal unification between tooth, adhesive and veneer. By applying your 4EVER-WHITE ® veneers, it goes without saying that your veneer specialist in Munich also has to consider a number of other points – for instance the adhesive mechanism to the tooth enamel prisms and the perfect finish to the adhesive join.
Aesthetic plastic surgery and veneers
Anyone who is considering enhancing his or her teeth with 4EVER-WHITE veneers from the Bärenklau dental practice in Munich, has high demands regarding the aesthetic aspect and would like to gain a new awareness of life with an attractive appearance. This is also the approach for measures taken in aesthetic plastic surgery: it is much more than a mere “beauty operation”. Frequently, measures such as eyelid lifting, liposuction or ear correction are carried out not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functional purposes – in short: after such a medical intervention, life becomes a little easier.  Christian Bärenklau would be happy to inform you about this in a personal consultation.
Age and veneers
A youthful, fresh appearance also in old age – who would not like to have this? No wonder that the market for so-called best-age cosmetics is booming – and with it, all measures involving aesthetic plastic surgery are also increasingly requested. Also 4EVER-WHITE veneers from the Bärenklau dental practice, your veneer specialist in Munich, can treat patients in all age-groups for a natural and youthful white smile once again. To date, the oldest patient to have received 4EVER-WHITE veneers in the Bärenklau dental practice was born in 1935 – meaning that she is more than 77 years old! Especially at an advanced age, the 4EVER-WHITE  veneers from the Bärenklau dental practice also have a restorative or retaining function. This is because the tooth enamel diminishes; the teeth become significantly thinner and occasionally porous, like brittle fingernails. A 4EVER-WHITE  veneer from your specialist in Munich can significantly strengthen the tooth. To achieve this, they have to be prepared with skill, as loose layers are removed with greatest precision. In a personal consultation, Christian Bärenklau, your specialist for veneers in Munich, will discuss the optimal steps for you.

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